TrophyHunter Plans 2018

Planned Features For 2018

We planned a lot of new stuff for 2018. Let me give you an overview of the new features that are planned for 2018.

Season Ranking

We decided to not reset the current ranking, but add a new ranking called season ranking. This one will be set to 0 points for all trophyhunters when season 8 starts. You will gain points in the same way as before with ladder points. You can only gain points for this ranking during season 8. By the end of season 8 the leading players of that ranking will gain some kind of special reward.

The current ranking will now be referred to as all-time ranking. This is the current ranking and will simply continue as usual. This will show the leader board by ladder points across multiple seasons.

Playstyle Comparison

At the end of the current season 7, we introduced the new playstyle system. This system is based on eight attributes and assigns one of 16 playstyles depending on the attributes. At some point in 2018 we want to add a comparison of playstyles with other trophyhunters. You will be able to see how your playstyle differs from another trophyhunter in each attribute.

Adjust Trophies for ARAM

We are not satisfied that some trophies are much easier or harder on ARAM. Even though we think that the main trophy-balancing is based on Summoners Rift, we want to enable you to also gain trophies on ARAM. However, we don’t want it to be much simpler to gain some trophies on ARAM, so we will change some trophy definitions based on the map where you try to achieve them.

In a second step we will also adjust the trophies for Twisted Treeline.

Adjust Trophy Scores

Easy point. Sometime in 2018, we will go over all trophies again and adjust their difficulty according to new data.

Adjust Attributes/Playstyles

We want each attribute to have more or less the same score averaged over all trophyhunters. Also we want to have the playstyles more or less equally distributed. We will check how good we achieved these two goals so far and then adjust if necessary. That will be done by changing the attribute that a certain trophy is assigned to.

TrophyHunter Encyclopedia

So far, we are not satisfied with the state of explanations and help that is provided to new users by the app. TrophyHunter became quite the complex app in the last year and we didn’t keep up with explaining materials around it. We want to change that in 2018 and add an encyclopedia inside the app where you can find all necessary information about trophies, trees, playstyles and whatnot.

Champion/Summoner Statistics

Later in the year, we want to add more information about how specific champions achieve specific trophies. We want you to see what champion is specifically good to achieve a certain trophy.

The second extension regarding statistics is that you will be able to see more statistics about your own performance after the game. We will add some stats like solo-kills and the current progress of your stats that determine trophies where you need to be able to achieve something three times. For example you will see that you already had most kills two games in a row, so if you achieve most kills again, you will gain the trophy the tiger.

Include Discord Chat

We are already working on integrating discord into the app. There will be a TrophyHunter channel and the current chat system will  be connected to the discord channel. We hope this will enable more communication in the TrophyHunter community and you will be able to find other players more easily.

Voting For New Features

We want to enable users to participate in the decision of what features we should include into the app in the future. For this we will probably add a voting mechanism in the app.

Variable App Size

Right now the app has fixed dimensions. On some smaller laptops, however, that is a bit inconvenient. We want to enable different sizes of the app for different use-cases.

Clubs and Clans

Not sure we will be able to add this feature in 2018, but we want to add some club or clan creation at some point. Didn’t think about the details too much, but there would probably be a clan ranking and also the opportunity to challenge and battle other clans.

Other Stuff

We will add other stuff as well that is not planned yet. However, the features above are the things that we definitely want to integrate into the app in 2018.

Other changes include some clean up of our own code that should result in a more stable version of the app.

Let us know if you think there are other cool features that we should integrate in 2018.

November Tree Analysis

The Trees

In November we had the trees of Gnar, Nidalee, Corki, Kog’Maw and Leona.




The Best of November


The following 5 Trophyhunters finished all 5 november trees (random sorting):

Abu Mosah
I MarZ I
I am Brainless

Well done Trophyhunters! 

Top Ten Trophyhunters in Completing Trees

  1. Abu Mosah – 27 trees
  2. Quappa – 25 trees
  3. Blade Of Despair – 18 trees
  4. zakdoekje – 18 trees
  5. NekeTheFlame – 17 trees
  6. The Pentakiller – 17 trees
  7. Darkbeyer – 17 trees
  8. Hîghnrich – 17 trees
  9. zSuicide – 17 trees
  10. Gittvald – 17 trees

Abu Mosah could extend his lead over Quapa to two trees. For place 3, we now have two trophyhunters Blade Of Despair and  zakdoekje, where before we had four hunters sharing that place (NekeTheFlame, Darkbeyer, Blade Of Despair and Мой Ник Спиздели). Other from that we got three new face in the top 10 with Hîghnrich, zSuicide and Gittvald – lets see if they can stay in there.


The Distribution

Overall 2408 Trophyhunters played at least one game during november (almost same as in october 2431). The distribution of the number of achieved trees looks like this:

november trees finished.png

Only 5 Trophyhunter could finish all trees – that’s  the dark blue slice which can hardly be seen ;). Last month we had 14 summoners who could finish all trees.

The hardest tree was Leonas tree and the easiest was Nidalees. Below you can see how often each of the trees has been achieved:novemberTreeDist.png