December Tree Analysis

The Trees

In December we had the trees of Pantheon, Shyvana, Syndra, Caitlyn and Bard.




The Best of December


The following 4 TrophyHunters finished all 5 December trees (random sorting, Abu Mosah and Hîghnrich completed all trees last month too):

Abu Mosah
Sickey Misc

Well done TrophyHunters! 

Top Ten TrophyHunters in Completing Trees

  1. Abu Mosah – 32 trees
  2. Quappa – 25 trees
  3. Hîghnrich – 22 trees
  4. zakdoekje – 21 trees
  5. BeNaThEo – 19 trees
  6. Blade Of Despair – 18 trees
  7. zSuicide – 18 trees
  8. Мой Ник Спиздели – 18 trees
  9. TheRedShadow9 – 17 trees
  10. NekoTheFlame – 17 trees
  11. Baldy Runner – 17 trees
  12. The Pentakiller – 17 trees
  13. Darkbeyer – 17 trees
  14. 弱いchamp使う人 – 17 trees
  15. Limextar – 17 trees
  16. Gittvald – 17 trees

Abu Mosah extends his lead to 7 trees, since Quappa couldn’t finish any tree at all this month.  Hîghnrich and zakdoekje could both separate themselves from the crowd and are now on rank 3 and 4.

Rank 9 is split among 8 competitors with some new faces like Baldy Runner, 弱いchamp使う人 and Limextar.

The Distribution

Overall 9124 TrophyHunters were active at least once during December (we got more reliable data now, so this number grew drastically, compared to last month). The distribution of the number of achieved trees looks like this:DecemberTrees_2.png

As you can see, most of the TrophyHunters didn’t complete any tree. So the next graphic only shows those who completed at least one tree.DecemberTrees_3.png

Four TrophyHunters could finish all trees – that’s  the dark blue slice which can hardly be seen ;). Last month we had 5 summoners who could finish all trees.

The hardest tree was Shyvanas tree and the easiest was Pantheons. Below you can see how often each of the trees has been achieved:DecemberTrees_1.png

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