Top 10 1v2 Champions

Today I analyzed 50000 TrophyHunter games (Summoners Rift only) to see what champion has the best Lone Wolf trophy rate. You obtain this trophy when you get a doublekill with no assists.


Here are the Top 10:

10. Tryndamere, 11.5%


Rank 10 goes to the barbarian king. I can imagine many squishy duos wanting to kill a Tryndamere and disrespecting his ultimate. No surprise he makes top 10.

9. Aatrox, 11.5%


Just very slightly more 1v2 kills for Aatrox players. I didn’t have him on my list – I never see him! That’s probably why people underestimate him and he gets his 1v2’s.

8. Fiora, 13.4%


Now this one is no surprise for me. I even succeeded a 1v2 myself as a Fiora! You are naturally alone on a sidelane and at a certain point the jungler + topsider don’t pose enough threat for you anymore.

7. Heimerdinger, 13.9%


I know this as a toplaner … your jungler comes to gank you. You both go in to kill the brain yordle, but he just places his ult turret and goes into zhonyas while u stand there staring at his turret.

6. Nasus, 14.4%


It’s all about those stacks, baby! 1v2 is an easy task for the dawg champ.

5. Darius, 15.9%


When I lane vs Darius I always wonder if I should tell my jungler not to gank my lane. 1v2 kills happen too often with this lane bully.

4. Master Yi, 19.7%


How? He is a jungler – he shouldn’t even be alone running around the map. I guess he is just killing people too fast to give any assists.

3. Yasuo, 21.2%


Dying 2v1 vs a Yasuo is the worst feeling ever. You know Dragonslayer666 will feel so good about his outplay and he probably has the right to do so …

2. Illaoi, 24.2%


This champion is build for a 1v2. Super strong aoe damage and great healing. Sometimes I feel like Illaoi wins more 1v2’s than she is losing. Always amazing.

1. Katarina, 25.5%


And the number one is the blades lady! I’m sure most of her 1v2 kills aren’t really 1v2’s but rather 1v5’s. Well done, Sinister Blade, I tip my hat.

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