January Tree Analysis

The Trees

In January we had the trees of Garen, Jax, Heimerdinger, Lucian and Xerath.


The Best of January

The following 7 TrophyHunters finished all 5 January trees (random sorting, Abu Mosah, Sickey Misc and Hîghnrich completed all trees last month too):

Sålty Pirate
Windoge Malkio
Abu Mosah
Kõrean Import
Sickey Misc

Well done TrophyHunters! 

Top Ten TrophyHunters in Completing Trees

  1. Abu Mosah – 37 trees
  2. Quappa – 25 trees
  3. zakdoekje – 23 trees
  4. Hîghnrich – 22 trees
  5. BeNaThEo – 20 trees
  6. Limextar – 20 trees
  7. Мой Ник Спиздели – 19 trees
  8. NekoTheFlame – 19 trees
  9. Blade Of Despair – 18 trees
  10. zSuicide – 18 trees
  11. Baldy Runner – 18 trees

Abu Mosah extends his lead to an amazing 12 completed trees. Hîghnrich is the only other TrophyHunter who finished 5 trees in the Top 10. All other Top 10 member finished at most 2 trees.

The Distribution

Overall 1792 TrophyHunters were active at least once during December (Last month I calculated almost 10k active users, but that must have been either an error on my side or people just logged in once to receive the after season rewards). The distribution of the number of achieved trees looks like this:

chart (7).png

Around 25% of TrophyHunters managed to complete at least one tree. 7 TrophyHunters completed all trees and another 7 completed 4 trees.

The hardest tree was Heimerdingers tree and the easiest was Lucians. Below you can see how often each of the trees has been achieved:

chart (6).png

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