How I Use The TrophyHunter Overlay

The TrophyHunter Overlay has so many useful information now, but most people don’t know about them and even less are using them to their full potential. Let me show you how I use the TrophyHunter Overlay to gain information about my opponents and teammates and how this information helps me to win more games.

Download the app  (this will install Overwolf if u don’t use it already – TrophyHunter runs on the Overwolf platform.)

TrophyHunter Overlay – Basics


The overlay will open up during the loading screen when you start a League of Legends game. All the data shown is received through the open Riot API, so this is not a cheat tool of any kind, but just data, that Riot provides, presented to the user in a clear way.

The overlay might look a bit crowded at first, but that is because we want to present as much useful information for the user as possible in a restricted space. Take the image above as an overview for its functionality.

Win Rates, Summoner Badges and Champion Mastery

Ryze’s win rate is bad. (It’s me :D)

The first thing I check is the win rate for  every summoner in the game. The win rate is calculated based on normal and ranked games on the chosen champion by that summoner. If that summoner has a lot of games, but a win rate that is above 60% or below 40%, you can be quite certain to either face a smurf or a boosted fellow. It can be misleading at times, but more often than not, I know what to expect of my teammates and opponents.

The next this I check are the Summoner Badges of each player. If the player has at least 8 analysed games on his champion, TrophyHunter assigns certain badges for players depending on their play. For example: If a summoner gets first blood a lot of times, then we will show a badge saying: “Careful! This summoner gets first blood often.”. The nine different badges that we show are:

dripping-knife.png First Blood

demolish.png First Turret

swords-emblem.png Least Deaths

 blindfold (1).png Worst Vision Score

farmer.png Highest Creep Score

biohazard.png Most Damage To Champions

dead-head.png Most Deaths

binoculars.png Best Vision Score

pirate-flag.png Most Kills

Ryze is careful and a good farmer. Cassio is a killer.

This gives a lot of valueable information about your opponents. For example: If you play toplane against a Renekton who has First Blood Badge, First Turret Badge and Most Deaths Badge, you know that you better be careful early. However, he seems to play careless at times, so if you wait for a gank, you can have a good chance to punish him.

Further things I check here are: Runes (including minor runes) and Champion Mastery.

The Heatmap

The Heatmap is a very useful tool especially for three things:

Where does the jungler start and path early?


You can manually set the starting and ending point for the timeline. If you set starttime to around 2 minutes and end time to around 5 minutes, you will receive amazing information. Sometimes a jungler is flexible in his starting paths and you cannot deduct much with this method, but many junglers use the same starting path on a specific champion every time. If you have such a jungler, you can assume where he starts and when and where he will do his first gank.

Do they invade?

You can definitely notice if people invade often and where they invade. Can be useful.

Do they cheese level 1?

I saw Singeds where I knew they would proxy the first wave and I saw Heimerdingers and Sions who would start at the enemy blue buff. Each time very valueable information.


Damage Composition

Mostly physical damage for this team.

I always check the damage composition of the opponent team and choose my build path accordingly.


Match History

Another thing I find quite useful from time to time is the recent match history of my opponents. Always useful to know if someone just lost 3 games in a row.

Rengar and Ezreal are premades.

Premades Info

The app checks the last 100 games of each player and checks if any of them played with each other before. This detects most premades, especially if the jungler is premade with someone else, you can assume what lane he will sit.


These are the features of the overlay that I use most and I’m pretty certain that it helps me win more games. Other players use the info about builds and skill orders more, but I’m already quite familiar with that kind of information on the champions I play. I hope this overlay can be a useful companion for you, too.

Download the app  (this will install Overwolf if u don’t use it already – TrophyHunter runs on the Overwolf platform.)